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Our Partnership with Threatcop

According to the recent 2024 Voice of the CISO, almost 74% of CISOs believe that human error is their biggest cyber vulnerability. Even more 80% believe human risk and employee negligence will be key cybersecurity concerns for the next two years. That’s why techcarrot has partnered with Threatcop, a pioneer of People Security Management, which offers industry-leading AI-powered technology focused on social engineering and email-based threats. Together, we aim to protect our customers’ defenses against evolving cyber threats, ensuring robust protection against these sophisticated cyber attacks.

About Threatcop

Threatcop is a pioneer of People Security Management (PSM) with extensive experience in empowering employees to mitigate cyber threats. Threatcop is dedicated to protecting employees from the constantly evolving cyber threat landscape. Cybercriminals exploit the human element in organizations, but PSM ensures they fail. With a focus on human-centric cybersecurity, Threatcop protects organizations and empowers employees from sophisticated social engineering and email-based attacks.

What we bring to you

In collaboration with Threatcop, techcarrot delivers industry-leading AI-powered technology. By deploying the Quadral Approach of People Security Management i.e. AAPE (Assess, Aware, Protect, and Empower) framework., that encompasses security awareness training, learning management system, DMARC and incident response, we assure resilience and continuity for your organization.

Assess: Threatcop Security Awareness Training (TSAT)

TSAT is a AI-powered phishing simulation and employee security awareness training platform that:

  • Simulate multi-attack vectors including QR code phishing & WhatsApp Phishing
  • Assess employees vulnerability score
  • Generates executive reports

Estimates breach time & tracks avg. phish risk rate.

Aware: Threatcop Learning Management System (TLMS)

TLMS is a comprehensive cybersecurity learning management system that:

  • Provides 1000+ security awareness training modules
  • Gives detailed assessment results
  • Ensure user completion with automated reminder emails

Provides integration of logo & messaging for a familiar user experience.

Protect: Threatcop DMARC (TDMARC)

TDMARC is an email authentication, domain monitoring, and anti-spoofing solution that:

  • Protect organization’s outbound emails preventing BEC attacks
  • Reduces admin burden for managers/li>
  • Increases brand recognition in emails

Ensure emails reach inboxes.

Empower: Threatcop Phishing Incident Response (TPIR)

TPIR is a single-click reporting and phishing incident response solution that:

  • Help security teams to identify new or trending attacks
  • Increases Efficiency in Incident Response
  • Free up IR resources
  • Improves Detection of Malicious Senders

Why Choose Our Partnership?

By partnering with Threatcop, a leader in People Security Management, we offer a comprehensive suite of solutions that extend beyond technology. Our team of cybersecurity professionals provides not only the tools but also the expertise and ongoing support needed to maximize the benefits of Threatcop’s solutions. This includes:

Customizing training programs to fit your organization’s specific needs

Conducting simulated attacks to assess and improve employee readiness

Measuring progress to ensure continuous improvement

Providing regular reminders, reports, and dashboards for employees and senior management

Together, we ensure your employees are well-equipped to protect your organization against evolving cyber threats.

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