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Data Intelligence

Data intelligence refers to the practice of using artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to analyze and transform massive datasets into intelligent data insights, which can then be used to improve services. The application of data intelligence tools and techniques can help decision-makers develop a better understanding of collected information to develop better business processes. techcarrot provides a wide range of data intelligence services custom-made to your project’s needs, ensuring the accessibility of business-critical information.

Our team works to maximize the effectiveness of your data by creating insights and intelligence. We can help you gain insight into your customer behavior, recognize common data patterns, and eventually organize them in a manner that lets you easily target your segmented markets.

Our tailored service offerings complement your business requirements and enable you to effectively manage machine learning models, experience a smooth transition to the cloud, and enhance the legacy BI/DW solutions. With built-in tools for data transparency, we assure accessibility to critical business information.

Our Data Intelligence services include:

  • Enhancing the legacy BI/DW Solution
  • Migration to Cloud
  • Automation using AI & ML