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Microservices, being a core part of our Application Development Management and Support offering, we extend it as our value-added offering to our end customers. Through our Microservices Governance Setup and Consulting services we tailor microservice architecture and practice best principles to help enterprises transform. The Microservices approach is a huge shift for enterprises, essentially breaking down monolithic applications into small, modular pieces that have the freedom to act independently.

At techcarrot, we have helped numerous clients adopt microservice architecture by engaging them with technical aspects of the microservices, advantages, related processes, and adoption strategy. We create a microservice development lifecycle in alignment with your SDLC, compare microservice tools and frameworks, and offer recommendations in your organization’s context. We design and develop the technical solution architecture based on the microservices architectural model.

If you are considering microservices for your next application development project, our experts with extensive experience in implementing microservices architecture can help you by selecting the right platform and recreating a legacy application, adding new components to an existing application, or developing a microservice application from scratch.

We offer Microservices Consulting around the following:

  • Assessment
  • Enterprise Architecture & Adoption
  • Migration
  • Integration
  • Testing
  • Maintenance & Support