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Data Architecture & Engineering

In the era of Big Data, as the landscape is exploding with rapidly changing technologies, consumer engagement platforms, and data mediums, designing a flexible data architecture that scales with business is essential. The data architecture defines the data along with the schemas, integration, transformations, storage, and workflow required to enable the analytical requirements of the information architecture. Data architecture guides how data is collected, integrated, enhanced, stored, and delivered to businesses. It helps make data available, accurate, and complete so it can be used for business decision-making. 

Our data engineering consulting team consists of database-savvy business intelligence professionals who collaborate with you to understand your business needs and then map a solution based on your unique organizational requirements. We will help you redesign your data ecosystem to enable the seamless flow, management, and consumption of fast-growing volumes of both structured and unstructured data.

At techcarrot, we build robust, scalable big data architectures both on-premises and in the cloud thereby creating roadmaps to modernize the technology platform that powers your data. Our Data Engineering services efficiently address the data challenges in your organization. We enable companies to design, build and support all data-driven processes thereby enabling you to increase business agility, take stimulating business decisions, and stay ahead of the competition.

Our Data Engineering Service offerings comprise:

  • Data Analytics Architecture
  • Data Integration Architecture
  • Predicative Model Architecture