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Customer Experience

Customer experience refers to the complete journey a customer takes with a business, from initial awareness to post-purchase care. There are usually multiple touchpoints with the business such as website, social media, live chat, video chat, etc. and encounter with different departments such as sales, marketing and customer service as part of the customer journey. Each step of the journey makes up the overall customer experience.

Customer experience encompasses discovery and awareness of a business, from initial purchase and post-purchase care, to repeated purchases. It involves numerous touchpoints and multiple departments in creating a good customer experience.

A customer experience is holistic. The key to creating a good customer experience is making sure all the different customer interaction points are linked up. Allowing customers to jump between touchpoints, for example from social media to the website to live chat, as part of an omnichannel customer experience is essential.

Our customer experience team helps clients transform their business and accelerate their ecosystem by designing experiences. We build product and service solutions from a truly human-centered approach validated through a data-driven and agile mindset to drive measurable value. At techcarrot we include customer experience into your business transformation, from workplace efficiency to omnichannel delivery, taking advantage of the best of analytical systems and new channels to help you respond to your stakeholder expectations in near-real-time.