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Enterprise Applications

As businesses grow their software needs become more diverse. To reduce human error and hasten workflows they require enterprise software solutions. In addition, various departments and processes need to be streamlined. Enterprise applications ensure that organizations stay one step ahead of competitors in the fiercely competitive business world by increasing productivity, improving customer satisfaction, and delivering cost reductions.

Enterprise Application Services include Maintenance and Enhancement Services, Application Modernization Services, Post-Implementation Support, and Application Testing Services. techcarrot offers ERP and CRM solutions that can be integrated or centralized depending on our client’s unique needs. These include highly robust, agile, and cost-effective enterprise applications to simplify and speed up various business processes, facilitating flawless performance and success.

Our Enterprise Applications offering ensures a fast-track transformation through the adoption of new technologies on industry-leading platforms such as Salesforce, Oracle, SAP & Microsoft. The Enterprise Applications help create next-generation, techno-savvy, smart enterprises that take various processes related to accounting, supply chain, and inventory and manage them in a centralized location where data can be shared, and workflows can be automated.

Enterprise Applications

Our Enterprise Applications Domains

  • Sales

    Providing excellent visibility into every process.

  • Financial

    Facilitate easier compliance.

  • Supply Chain

    Bringing a high degree of automation.

  • Inventory

    Better tracking and reconciliation.

  • Planning

    Enabling better coordination.

  • Project

    Enhancing optimize collaboration.

  • Service

    Developing systematic workflow.

  • HR

    Reducing Human made errors.

  • CRM

    Facilitating better relationships with clients.