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Data Consulting

techcarrot provides big data consulting services to help customers in transforming large volumes of raw data into actionable insights. This ensures informed decision-making and accelerated business value. We help our customers develop an in-depth understanding of advanced analytic techniques to manage and process huge data sets. Our services can help businesses break data silos and extract valuable information to drive business efficiencies and grab opportunities on a real-time basis. We utilize our deep industry knowledge with a unique machine-driven approach to show you how to unleash the transformative value of data, assisting you in making data-informed decisions with confidence. Our structured engagement approach ensures molding a robust capability on big data through the development of industry-specific solutions that will deliver industry assessment to our respected clients.

Our data consulting services help companies aggregate different types of data, both structured and unstructured so that it can be properly aggregated and analyzed. Our team assists in setting up BI/Analytics strategy and roadmap, data readiness, tools and technology evaluation, and recommendation.

We provide an all-inclusive roadmap on big data technologies and a framework and architecture of reference along with best possible practices for the implementation of technologies. We utilize data visualization techniques for reporting and analysis of use cases of big data, for implementation of BI, advanced visualization technology of big data, predictive prototyping, and complex analytics.

We provide the following services:

  • BI/Analytics Readiness Assessment
  • BI/Analytics Strategy &Roadmap
  • Tool & Technology evaluation and recommendation