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11 January 2023
Posted By techcarrot

Supply chain capabilities in SAP S/4 HANA Cloud

Explore key capabilities in SAP S/4 HANA Cloud – for inventory and warehouse management, transport logistics, order promising, and more.

Inventory Management

  • Post goods receipts for inbound deliveries and goods issues for outbound deliveries
  • Integrate bar code and RFID technology to manage just-in-time availability, proof of delivery, and more
  • Predict delivery dates for stock transport orders using predictive analytics
  • Monitor inventory operations in real time at all levels of granularity
  • Align physical stock levels and system stock levels regularly for greater accuracy

Warehouse Management

  • Align physical stock levels and system stock levels regularly for greater accuracy
  • Harness embedded analytics to accelerate fulfilment and prevent stock-outs
  • Improve environmental safety and compliance with checks to support product tracking
  • Reduce revenue loss due to stock-outs by improving warehouse inventory accuracy and transparency

Delivery & Transportation Management

  • Simplify agency billing and subcontracting
  • Efficiently plan, tender, and settle freight
  • Book carriers and manage forwarding orders
  • Define freight agreements with complex calculation rules and accurate costing
  • Comply with international trade and hazardous goods requirements

Service Parts Distribution

  • Leverage powerful planning tools specifically designed for service parts
  • Maximize transparency – from the moment demand occurs through to part delivery
  • Support out-of-the box business process collaboration for vendors
  • Optimize the complete available-to-promise process
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