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Community and Buying Journey Mobile App

Client Profile

 Leading Realty Company in Dubai stands as a distinguished real estate developer in Dubai, renowned for its unwavering commitment to quality and innovation. Specializing in both residential and commercial projects. Their main business is developing and selling communities to prospective buyers and managing communities. Realty Company wanted to ease access to information for their customer through different channels in buying and living journeys

Business Case / Business problem and our scope

Leading Realty Company required design and development of a One-Stop application, the App over mobile channel, which provides information to their customer while on the move and enhances their user experience by providing ability transact and get information on their buying and living journey:

  • What are the different community’s customer is selling or managing? How can I get this information
  • I liked the community, is there a unit matching my requirement?
  • I want to visit and see the unit myself; how should I go about?
  • I have booked a unit; how do I track what’s going on and what are next steps.
  • As part of handover, how can I get the inspection report and when will I get the handed over of the unit.
  • I or my tenant want to move into the property.
  • I want to book amenities within the community on the go.
  • I saw a safety or service concern in the community/unit, how should I report it?
  • I lost my access card; how can I get the replacement? 


  • As a company, techcarrot leverages a robust understanding of the real estate domain. Drawing on our knowledge and research, we’ve formulated suggestions regarding key features and envisioned an optimal user journey aligned with business objectives
  • Our solution approach involved conducting workshops with key stakeholders, including Sales, Pre-Sales, CRM, Accounts, Marketing, and Community teams. The primary goal of this workshop was to gain insights into the business’s expectations and pain points and address them in solutioning.
  • This collaborative session played a pivotal role in aligning business expectations, serving as the foundation for the detailed requirement gathering process.
  • Our business analyst had diligently crafted workflows and compiled a comprehensive list of fields anticipated for each process. This proactive approach, driven by our understanding of the processes, serves as a valuable starting point for our detailed requirement gathering session.
  • Substantial attention and dedication were directed towards the User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX), aligning with a crucial requirement from the customer. Numerous rounds of discussions took place with various stakeholders including Sales, Marketing, and CRM teams, to meticulously finalize the UI/UX of the application
  • The technical architecture was meticulously designed with a forward-looking approach, considering future requirements and scalability. The plan involved deploying the application on the Azure cloud, and various Azure cloud-native services were recommended to enhance the efficiency and performance of the application.
  • The architecture underwent a thorough review in collaboration with the Microsoft team to ensure that no crucial elements were overlooked.
  • The architecture necessitated integration with various operational systems employed by the Customer. This integration was seamlessly and securely designed using an API gateway, ensuring a smooth and controlled flow of data between different operational components of the business
  • Several enhancements have been proposed in the existing operational system to augment the functionality of the mobile app and deliver a more enriching user experience to our customers

Business Benefits to client

Enhanced User Engagement: A comprehensive product catalog and efficient product search feature will engage users with your offers.

Streamlined Customer Enquiries: The ‘Make Inquiry’ function simplifies the inquiry process, encouraging potential customers to express interest.

Improved Customer Interaction: Enabling users to schedule visits enhances the overall customer experience.

Property Exploration: Users can easily explore properties and view detailed information, fostering informed decision-making.

Real-time Unit Availability: Immediate access to unit availability information helps users make timely decisions

Transparent Payment Status: Users can conveniently view payment statuses, promoting transparency and trust.

Construction Progress Tracking: Keeping users informed about construction progress instills confidence in the development.

Accessible Payment Plans: Clear presentation of payment plans facilitates customer understanding and compliance.

Online Payment Convenience: Enabling online payments simplifies transactions, adding convenience for customers. Multiple mode of payment and facility to upload payment receipt.

Efficient Community Management: Features like move-in, move-out, and account renewal streamline community management tasks.

Access Card Management: Managing access cards for community and vehicle access enhances security and control.

Amenity Booking: Users can easily book community amenities, promoting better facility management.

Service Request Facilitation: Simplifying service requests improves customer satisfaction and property maintenance.

Community Announcements: Providing a platform for community announcements fosters community engagement.

Instant Notifications: Push notifications keep users updated on important events and activities. Overall Customer Satisfaction: By integrating these features, the app aims to enhance the overall satisfaction of customers through convenience, transparency, and improved communication.

Key Challenges in the Project and how we addressed it:

  • Demonstration of capability and our understanding of domain to Business: techcarrot leveraged a robust understanding of the real estate domain. Drawing on our knowledge and research, we’ve formulated suggestions regarding key features and envisioned an optimal user journey aligned with business objectives.
  • Delays in UX design approvals from business, impacting project schedule: Collaboratively worked with Customer IT and escalated the same with business. On hand as a risk mitigation activity, we agreed to take risk in continuing into development without business approvals in place

Project Environment

Following are the solution components:

ComponentsTechnology StackUser
Mobile ApplicationReact Native, Node JS, My SQLCitizens
Back Office ApplicationReact JS, Node JS, My SQLBack Office Team
  • System Integration: Sales force, UAE Pass, Payment Gateway, Smart FM, ANPR
  • Cloud Service: Azure SNS, API management, Azure manager services and Dev-ops.
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